Friday, October 11th

Advanced Track
08:30 Doors open
10:00 Opening word
10:15 The top work skills you need in the 21st century Keynote
Merlin Rebrović
11:15 Division break
11:35 How to teach your computer to play guitar
Ju Liu
Drawing the line between 3rd party and custom code
Glenn Reyes
The platform is dead, long live the platform
Luka Kladaric
12:10 Using Neuroscience to Become a Better Developer
Radu Gheorghe, Rafał Kuć
Color - The Shadow Ruler of UX
Ivana Milicic
Developing hybrid Cloud/Native applications
Damir Bulic
13:05 git rebase -i HEAD~25 Community
Andrew Forward
Accessible Javascript patterns
Garance Vallat
One implementation to rule them all!
Zdeslav Vojković
13:30 Lunch sponsored by
15:00 Privilege as a technical debt
Amr Abdelwahab
Raising $24 million to Build an Open Source Skynet
Tal Ater
Lobbying with Elixir: Real-Time LiveView and OTP
Evadne Wu
15:35 Fixing authentication and authorization
Tonimir Kisasondi
Building an ARt Gallery in the Browser
Doug Sillars
Move Fast, Move Correctly
Nikola Henezi
16:20 Break
16:50 No product to test yet? No problem.
Irja Straus
Self-Portraits in JavaScript
George Mandis
Inspecting IPTV for fun and no profit
Josip Stuhli
17:25 Conducting Humane Code Reviews
Adrienne Tacke
Magical land of AST's with babel plugins
Vivek Nayyar
Nix for developers and ops
Luka Blašković
18:00 Passwords are so 1990
Sam Bellen
Design handover - tips & tricks
Matea Tomic
18:25 End of day

Saturday, October 12th

Advanced Track
08:30 Doors open
10:00 Opening word
10:15 The 737 MAX: Human Factors in Complex Systems Keynote
Kyle Kotowick
11:15 Division break
11:35 Just go for it: The story of dance-mat.js
Ramón Huidobro
WebAssembly: Binary in Plain English
Milica Mihajlija
Python async/await unraveled
Hrvoje Nikšić
12:10 From Conversation to Software
Pim Elshoff
A lean approach to building design systems
Jan Toman
13:05 Secure Your Code — Injections and Logging Community
Philipp Krenn
React Native and PWA: A Tale of Two Architectures
Tejas Kumar
Data race detection
Neven Miculinic
13:30 Lunch sponsored by
15:00 Automating dynamic malware analysis Sponsored
Krešimir Kuhar
Leadership lessons from building a remote team
Evelin Andrespok
Parsing from first principles
Saša Jurić
15:35 Building a GameBoy emulator with Elixir and Scenic
Tonći Galić
Share your client code like a boss
Josip Klaric
16:20 Break
16:50 OAuth 2: A closer look
Daniele Timo Secondi
Leveraging Anxiety with Product Design
Vildana Lojo Babic
17:25 Load-Balancing Node.js in Production
Adnan Rahic
Automatic Checks for the People
Mislav Cimperšak
17:50 Closing word
18:10 Drinkup sponsored by

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