Color - The Shadow Ruler of UX

Oftenly mistaken for a purely aesthetic element color has the most immediate and direct psychological impact on experiences

Color. It has the power to evoke emotions and empower the effectiveness of a product, but it also has the ability to ruin otherwise meticulously crafted user experiences. It often rules from the shadows, disguised as a purely aesthetic element and a mean of beautification. Let’s see how to overtake control and strategically use color in digital product development. Product teams often fail to remember that color has an enormous impact on our response to visual stimulation during human-computer interaction. The most immediate and direct psychological effect on experiences is, of course - color. With its complexity and various levels of subconscious effects, it triggers an emotional response. Color doesn’t live in a vacuum, and we need to start considering it in the context of use. There are many aspects that we need to take into account: target audience and their potential visual impairments, cultural background and individual differences, previous experiences and memories, the physical environments of use and compliance with the brand. In this talk, we will immerse into approaches and best practices that product teams should take for strategic use of color in their product design process.

After a basic introduction to color theory and psychology (to make sure everyone is up to speed), we will elaborate in detail on a series of interface examples tested on various users, how even subtle differences in color schemes have a significant impact on interface perception and product success. We will also do a quick live demo, creating a color scheme for a digital product and then fine-tuning it to be accessible.

Friday, 2019-10-11 @ 12:10
> Skill level: intermediate
> Duration: 45 min

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Photo of Ivana Milicic

Ivana Milicic

Collecting all range of experiences for 15+ years turned Ivana into a designer unicorn. She's attracted to challenges and deep thinking about problems humans are facing, and ways to solve them is her brain’s fuel. Currently, she works as a digital product designer for Blockfolio, runs her small emondo design studio, and always has a few freelance projects on the side as well. When not designing Ivana is teaching Visual Design Communication and Multimedia Publishing at the university, volunteering, traveling, speaking at conferences, and playing with her kids.

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