Developing hybrid Cloud/Native applications

Traditional desktop applications are losing ground. We decided on a hybrid cloud/desktop approach to have the best of both worlds.

With the infrastructure increasingly moving to the cloud, developers are stuck with legacy tools, suboptimal for the new workflows.

Current reality is web applications bundled using Electron to avoid having a separate native application for each platform - or native applications unchanged in the past 20 years.

We have started from scratch, imagining the ideal database manager for the modern times. Serverless API deployed in multiple regions of supported cloud providers - in the network of the data. Native Windows application consumes the API via websocket for lightning-fast interaction with the server. There is a web application for non-Windows platform consuming the same API. UI responds to user actions in less than 0.1 seconds and data stays in the cloud all the time, making it possible to work with huge datasets very efficiently. Switching connections is instant and workspace is preserved (like SublimeText) - you can continue working right where you left off and a tiny laptop has all the power of the workstation thanks to the powerful back-end.

Friday, 2019-10-11 @ 12:10
> Skill level: advanced
> Duration: 25 min

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Photo of Damir Bulic

Damir Bulic

  • Released a 3D game on Amiga in 1994 (MC680x0 assembler)
  • Ported 3D modeler Amorphium from Mac to PC in 1998 (C++)
  • Reverse-engineered EXE and ELF file formats and developed a system loader of encrypted applications for PC/Mac/Linux in 1999-2001 (C++)
  • Developed audio&video player of encrypted content with realtime visualizations in 2001
  • Developed several business applications in 2002-2003
  • Co-architected a popular ERP system in 2003-2004 used by thousands of businesses to this day
  • Developed several database applications dealing with 40 databases in 2004-2019 (first Delphi, now C#)
  • Currently working on several enterprise-level multi-cloud/desktop solutions

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