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Images can do that?

Images are a core part of the web. They will soon get some new great functionality. Let's have a look at images of the future!

Images are a core part of the web today. With the arrival of responsive images a few years back web developers finally got a way to serve the right media to save bytes on the wire. Responsive images are not solving all the problems though.

Today, in 2019, new properties and functionality are in the pipeline which will not only solve the issue of serving the right image but also help to improve layout and the moment when images should be loaded. Let’s find out what the future of images on the web will bring!

> Skill level: elementary
> Duration: 25 min

Photo of Stefan Judis

Stefan Judis

Stefan started programming 8 years ago and quickly fell in love with web performance, new technologies, and accessibility. He is also a curator of the web performance online resource Perf Tooling, organizer of the Accessibility Club Conference, contributes to a variety of open source projects and enjoys sharing nerdy discoveries.

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