No product to test yet? No problem.

Testing begins even before a single line of code is written. This talk will show you why, and how.

Have you ever wondered how testers help developers to deliver a better product? Probably yes. However, have you ever wondered how they can give a helping hand even before a line of code is written? You probably haven't, and you have every right not to when there's no product to test. In this talk, I will eat my own dog food and use my failures as examples to demonstrate why including a tester's critical thinking early on is not such a bad idea in some contexts.

Friday, 2019-10-11 @ 16:50
> Skill level: elementary
> Duration: 25 min

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Photo of Irja Straus

Irja Straus

After her adventure in Product Management, Irja has gone back to her first love - Testing. She's currently a Quality Control Analyst in Infobip.

She likes to experiment with products to investigate risks and advocate for bugs that matter. Software testing is what she loves to do, and she never wrote the same test strategy twice in her 10-year career.

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