Build your design system from scratch

Planning, setting and creating a design system is crucial for effectively designing and keeping consistent user interfaces.

Everyone was talking about design systems last year. But what it takes to plan, build, and maintain one? What is the workflow if you already have a living product and what about starting from a scratch. An effective design system should be collaborative and shared across the whole product team, so it needs to be maintainable in design and code as well.

In this workshop, using (free design tool) Figma, we'll create basic styles and components for a simple app user interface and then convert them into the scalable team library. We'll explore how building and updating screens from that library can contribute to streamlining design processes and also what are the possible pitfalls of that approach. This would be less about the tool but more about the workflow, so if you use Sketch as your tool of choice that's fine too, a quite similar workflow would fit any tool.

After realizing that we are using more than 50 shades of grey and a whole bunch of styles for the same UI patterns in our app, I spend a lot of time in inventory, documenting and creating a design system. In this workshop, I'll share practical knowledge I've learned on that journey.

Wednesday, 2019-10-09 @ 09:00
Plaza Event Centar
> Duration: 8h
> Skill level: Intermediate
> Ticket price: 800kn (~€106)

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Photo of Ivana Milicic

Ivana Milicic

Collecting all range of experiences for 15+ years turned Ivana into a designer unicorn. She's attracted to challenges and deep thinking about problems humans are facing, and ways to solve them is her brain’s fuel. Currently, she works as a digital product designer for Blockfolio, runs her small emondo design studio, and always has a few freelance projects on the side as well. When not designing Ivana is teaching Visual Design Communication and Multimedia Publishing at the university, volunteering, traveling, speaking at conferences, and playing with her kids.

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