Elm Tournament - Beat the bugs!

Introduction to the Elm - simple, yet powerful functional language for writing web applitcations.

We will learn Elm writing simple single page application - Tournament rooster. No prior functional knowledge needed.

Our application would enable us to: - Add teams - Create table for games (team x team) - Add games and track score - See leaderboard

We would go step-by-step to the world where there are no runtime exceptions and once the application compiles, it works.

Thursday, 2019-10-10 @ 09:00
Plaza Event Centar
> Duration: 8h
> Skill level: Elementary
> Ticket price: 500kn (~€66)

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Photo of Tomáš Látal

Tomáš Látal

I started to write web apps long time ago. After I have tried writing desktop applications for a while I returned to the web world and followed the rise of the JS frameworks like Angular or React. Then I have discovered Elm and since that day I didn't want to write web applications in any other language. I'm trying to show others how we can leverage functional thinking for writing web applications that just works™ without any runtime errors.

I'm based in Czech Republic and currently I'm working as a contractor for GlobalWebIndex helping them to write one of the biggest Elm application in the world. I'm also hosting and facilitating Coderetreats in my home town.

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