Call for Papers 2019

It's a great pleasure to invite you to WebCamp Zagreb 2019, a tech conference devoted to web development & design, which will be held on October 11th & 12th 2019 in Zagreb, Croatia.

The call for papers opens on 2019-05-01 and ends on 2019-05-31, inclusive. Submissions will be accepted until midnight CET on the last day.

This is a call to participate: help us build a great conference once again by becoming a speaker. With great opportunities to network with other developers & designers the most important part of every great conference are expert talks.

Feel free to submit all of your ideas, we have a diverse range of interests so all submissions are welcome. Prior experience is not a prerequisite, we welcome first timers.

While it's not important which technology, language or tool you use, let your suggestions be interesting and fresh to a broad audience. Make the talk web related (even if it's a long shot). We love first hand experience talks.

Talks should be of a technical nature, not promotional. Try to cover both good and bad sides and keep the presentation as objective as possible. If you want to present a specific project, give us an inside perspective. Just keep in mind that we're looking for tech talks, not sales pitches.


You may choose between a 25 and 45 minutes talk, which includes the Q&A at the end. This limitation will be strictly enforced to keep the conference schedule on track. It's recommended to limit your talk to 20 or 40 minutes to allow 5 minutes for Q&A. If your talk can fit both durations, please submit it twice.

When deciding on the duration of the talk, take into account that there are many more slots for 25 minute talks than there are for 45 minute talks. Therefore, a 25 minute talk is much more likely to be accepted.

Please submit up to 3 of your finest talks to keep the load on our talks committee manageable. All talks must be given in English.

Advanced track

One big piece of news for 2019 is the inclusion of a third track. This track is smaller than the main two tracks, located on the first floor of the venue, and aimed at advanced topics.

Can you explain what monads are in your sleep, have intimate knowledge of Docker internals, use formal methods in software design, manage complex distributed systems, or can reverse engineer a Tamagotchi? If any of these are true, we want you for the advanced track. Submit your talk through the call for papers and mark it Advanced.


We're accepting applications for half-day (4 hours) and full-day (8 hours) workshops. These will take place on Wednesday 2019-10-09 and Thursday 2019-10-10, the days leading up to the conference.

Workshops tickets are sold separately from conference tickets, and we offer revenue sharing with the speaker. Since each workshop is unique, the details such as ticket price, minimum required attendance, etc. are negotiated individually if your application is accepted.

For more details feel free to contact us at workshops@webcampzg.org.

Speaker package

The speaker package includes:

1 For speakers who live more than 100km away from Zagreb, we cover three nights in an apartment (Thursday to Sunday) and up to €200 in travel expenses.

By submitting to this Call for papers, you agree to our Code of conduct which will be firmly enforced.

The CFP is now closed.

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