Automatic Checks for the People

Enforcing coding rules one pre-commit hook and one CI job at a time.

A wise man once said that code is read more often than it is written. And everybody agreed. And everybody continued to write their code in their own "readable" way.

This talk presents ways of putting a stop to endless bikeshedding discussions during the development life cycle of a Python project.

Uniformed code base and high code quality can be maintained with various tools that take care of formatting, code smells, security issues, etc. Let's face it, using such tools is a lot cheaper than using your devs for these mundane tasks.

A lot of methods presented in the talk are not strictly "Python specific" and can be used when working with other languages as well.

Saturday, 2019-10-12 @ 17:25
> Skill level: elementary
> Duration: 25 min

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Photo of Mislav Cimperšak

Mislav Cimperšak

A Python developer with ~10 years of experience.

Responsible for everything from software architecture, team management, project planning, mentoring to straight down programming.

In the last few years rediscovering my love for devops and finding a new mistress called People management.

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