git rebase -i HEAD~25

Many developer interact with git a lot, like a lot a lot. Let's pull back the curtain and learn some practical rebase, cherry-pick, etc.

Many software developer interact with git a lot, like a lot a lot. Yet most would probably struggle with some of the more advanced features that help make git even greater. In this talk we are going to look at the distributed part of git, responsible fetching from multiple sources, rebasing, and efficient cherry-picking. Let’s learn practical git with plenty of real-world examples to help bring your git-fu to the next level.


Friday, 2019-10-11 @ 13:05
> Skill level: intermediate
> Duration: 25 min

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Andrew Forward

Dr. Andrew Forward works as a Software Engineer at CrossFit HQ remotely from Ottawa, Canada. Andrew touches many of the systems at play in CrossFit including finances, legal, events and media. Andrew is also a professor at the University of Ottawa where he teaches on a wide range of topics on software quality, web technologies, programming languages and project management. Andrew has two lovely boys, Hayden and August, and will celebrate (or has celebrated, depending on when you read this) 15 wonderful years with Ayana this (2019) summer.

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