Magical land of AST's with babel plugins

The talk is about abstract syntax trees and understanding them to create babel plugins.

AST’s are everywhere. They are a part of majority of our tools that we use today for development. We use babel, eslint, prettier, typescript and AST’s power them.

Come join me in this journey of understanding the magical land of AST’s by creating few babel plugins.

The reason knowing about AST's is important because they are everywhere from transpiling es6 code to es5 to linting our code. So first off, there is curiosity element - how does it exactly work? Second, compilers are generally considered to be complicated. This talk will try to explain it in a way which would make it easier for everyone to understand AST’s in a much simpler language. Third, understanding ASTs and writing babel plugins are great for productivity.

The key takeaways for the attendees would be:- 1) Understand how compilers/transpilers work 2) Understand how to write babel plugins 3) By understanding AST's, become better at writing our JS code 4) By understanding AST's, become better at understanding JS scopes

Friday, 2019-10-11 @ 17:25
> Skill level: intermediate
> Duration: 25 min

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Photo of Vivek Nayyar

Vivek Nayyar

  • Full stack engineer working with React and Node.
  • Playing around with AST'S a lot these days.
  • Open sourced few babel plugins and have created few eslint plugins for my organization.
  • Open sourced a codemod which is again a result of me learning AST's

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