Raising $24 million to Build an Open Source Skynet

An adventure story with drones, robots, autonomous boats, astronauts, and JavaScript… and what it means for tomorrow's autonomous cars.

When most of us think of autonomous driving, we think of cars that can park themselves, navigate highways, and negotiate city streets. But is a car that knows how to get from a-to-b but doesn’t know what to do when it gets a flat tire truly autonomous or is it merely driverless? Is a drone that can only fly a limited range and must always return to its home base to recharge truly autonomous or is it simply a fancy flying Roomba?

This is the story of a small team, two astronauts, a dozen drones, one robot, and an autonomous boat, and how we took a journey from China to California, and from Jerusalem to the Vatican that ended up with $24,000,000 raised to build an open source framework for tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles.

Friday, 2019-10-11 @ 15:00
> Skill level: elementary
> Duration: 25 min

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Tal Ater

I am the founder and CTO of the DAV Foundation, the creator of a number of popular open source libraries, an O'Reilly published author, a W3C Invited Expert, and thanks to one sleepless weekend, the creator of a choose-your-own-adventure GitHub template generator featuring Lewis Carroll and Cthulhu.

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