React Native and PWA: A Tale of Two Architectures

This talk will discuss the architecture, decisions, and mistakes made while building a (first Native, then PWA) app for self-service.

This talk looks at building mobile applications with web technologies and tries to understand an ideal architecture for a given use case. It is:

  • largely pragmatic, exploring tradeoffs with both approaches
  • a case study
  • focused on solving a legitimate problem

At the end of it, attendees will have a better sense of what architectural paradigm to use when building mobile applications with web technologies.

Saturday, 2019-10-12 @ 13:05
> Skill level: elementary
> Duration: 25 min

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Photo of Tejas Kumar

Tejas Kumar

  • Name is Tejas, pronounced like "Contagious".
  • Has life-threatening, severe illness. Not _actually_ contagious.
  • Started coding at 8.
  • Got a diploma in C++ at age 10.
  • Worked in Qatar and Germany.
  • Interested in Developer Advocacy, JavaScript, and Machine Learning.

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