Self-Portraits in JavaScript

We'll explore three different ways to do facial recognition with JavaScript and use these techniques to "draw" a self-portrait.

In this talk we'll explore three different approaches to facial recognition in the browser to help us "draw" a self-portrait using JavaScript. We'll explore approaches that run entirely on the client-side using TensorFlow.js & other libraries, via web-based services (AWS, Google Cloud & Azure) and using the new, experimental Shape Detection API.

We'll explore what it's like to work with each approach and what the advantages and trade-offs are. Finally, we'll discuss long-term security implications and ramifications we should consider as we introduce ourselves to basic machine-learning concepts through this creative exploration.

Friday, 2019-10-11 @ 16:50
> Skill level: intermediate
> Duration: 25 min

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Photo of George Mandis

George Mandis

George Mandis is a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and independent full stack developer consultant at SnapTortoise. He’s worked with startups, professional sports teams, small businesses and entrepreneurs and speaks all over the world on JavaScript, programming & creativity. He spent a year living as a digital nomad, inadvertently cheated running a marathon in North Korea and has spoken and led workshops at a number of conferences including FrontMania, C'T WebDev, HolyJS and FullStack London.

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