Share your client code like a boss

You wrote some fantastic piece of UI functionality and you're proud of it. Next time think about writing it as web component.

One of the biggest challenges of today's web development is sharing code and UI between various client frameworks. And client frameworks are not forever. Web components allows us to write our code and functionality once and use it "everywhere". That sounds great. But why aren't we all using it? Though question. Biggest issue probably is the popularity of client frameworks like Angular, React, Vue which all have their own component system. Support for web components in browser is great, especially now when Edge is becoming part of Chromium family. Even without native support we can start using it safely, because of Polymer project and its polyfills. So, next time when you need to implement some stylish and awesome functionality consider the idea of building it as web component. Come to this session and see what it takes to build your first web component. We will create a simple hello world component from scratch, and also go through the code of a bit richer "weather box" web component, and use it in three popular client frameworks.

Saturday, 2019-10-12 @ 15:35
> Skill level: intermediate
> Duration: 45 min

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Photo of Josip Klaric

Josip Klaric

Josip is experienced full stack developer working mainly with Microsoft-based technologies. He made his first programming steps around turn of the millennium with Visual Basic 6, and quickly embraced the .NET and switched to C# as his main language. Various projects he worked on steered him through number of different technologies, but most of the time he spent on taming the web related technologies. Beside that in his daily work tends to use various storage engines and related tools. He likes to follow the software development trends, and experimenting with exciting new technologies, especially new web standards and client side frameworks. His free time he likes to spend with his family in any kind of outdoor activities.

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