Getting to Grips With Rust

Learn the basics of Rust, a fast and memory-efficient language for building reliable software.

It is uncommon to see the entire tech community almost universally agreeing on the fact that a piece of technology is interesting and exciting, but Rust seems to be an outlier. It seems to have piqued interest in all parts of the "stack", including systems, back-end, front-end, and embedded devices, by providing an efficient and performant language with little run-time overhead and good tooling.


We will assume you do have some programming experience, but no prior knowledge of Rust is expected. We will provide nix expressions that can be used to set up a working development environment, but you are welcome to come with your environment already set up.

We'll start with the basics by setting up the development environment and covering the fundamentals that differentiate Rust from other languages you might have encountered.

After we start getting comfortable with the language itself, we'll see how we can use Rust for several common use cases: command-line apps, network & web services, and browser-based apps.

Finally, we'll come up with a small, but non-trivial example application that we will try to build before our time runs out.


We expect to give you enough information and tools to be able to find your way around the Rust ecosystem, and continue studying and applying Rust on your own.

We appreciate an informal and discussion-oriented approach to knowledge sharing, so a lot of the topics and outcomes may be informed by the attendees' inputs and interests.


The workshop will be held by Alan Pavičić and Nikola Plejić, co-organizers of the Zagreb Rust Meetup with extensive experience of using Rust in large-scale production environments.

Wednesday, 2019-10-09 @ 09:00
Plaza Event Centar
> Duration: 8h
> Skill level: Elementary
> Ticket price: 500kn (~€66)

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Photo of Nikola Plejić

Nikola Plejić

Nikola is a hacker, a software engineer, and a big fan of free software & weird music. Professionally, he is primarily interested in web apps dealing with a fair amount of data, and finding ways not to murder the world with technology (or, preferably, at all).

He's a member of Hacklab in Mama / Razmjena vještina, Zagreb je NAŠ!, and various other communities and organizations. He works as an engineer at TVbeat, a TV analytics company, mostly wrangling Rust code.

Photo of Alan Pavičić

Alan Pavičić

Aka is a hacker, Lisp enthusiast and industrial programmer with more than 20 years of professional experience.

He currently works as a senior developer and CTO at TVbeat.

He can be found on Saturday afternoons at Razmjena vještina in MaMa.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the workshop in case of unforseen circumstances such as speaker illness. In this case the tickets will be fully refunded.

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