WebCamp Zagreb 2020 is cancelled

This announcement probably won't come as a big shock, even though October is far away. As always, we wanted to be transparent, so here is a sneak peek into how a conference of this size is organized, and the reasons it won't happen this year.

To put on a conference like WebCamp you need speakers, an audience, sponsors, infrastructure, and a financial plan. Most of our preparations take place from March until June.

  1. SPONSORS - At this time of the year, we usually start talking to sponsors. It feels irresponsible to email companies asking for money when nobody knows how long this situation will last, what will happen to everyone financially, and how long it will take to recover.

  2. SPEAKERS - Our Call for proposals was set to happen in May, but since conferences are getting cancelled everywhere right now, there is pressure on all sides. Many conferences are getting rescheduled to the autumn season, so scheduling is getting complicated. More importantly, many potential speakers have more important issues on their minds right now.

  3. AUDIENCE - We don't want to start selling tickets in May not knowing if we will be able to put on a conference up to our standards and ensuring it will not pose a health risk, even in October.

WebCamp Zagreb is a non-profit run entirely by volunteers and as such cannot go into the financial risk of having a late cancellation because that would drain us both financially and as organizers. For those of you still reading, all of us work really hard, and it's been hard finding people willing to put their free time into organizing this conference, even without the situation we're all facing right now. If you want to help us, please let us know and let's hope we see each other at WebCamp 2021, better than ever!

Please stay safe and take care of each other!

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