Kicking off #wczg 2019

Hello fellow geeks! We're very happy to be with you for yet another year.

WebCamp Zagreb 2019 will take place on Friday 2019-10-11 & Saturday 2019-10-12, with workshops taking place in the days before the conference. We’ve listed all the relevant dates on the conference timeline.

Call for papers

Call for papers takes place a bit earlier this year, throughout the month of May to be precise. This change was made to make sure talk selection is complete before people start taking their summer vacations.

We listened to your suggestions from last year, so now you can submit workshops as well as talks through the CFP form. The CFP page has all the gritty details.

Advanced track

One big piece of news for WebCamp Zagreb 2019 is the inclusion of a third track. This track is smaller than the main two tracks, located on the first floor of the venue, and aimed at advanced topics.

Can you explain what monads are in your sleep, have intimate knowledge of Docker internals, use formal methods in software design, manage complex distributed systems, or can reverse engineer a Tamagotchi? If any of these are true, we want you for the advanced track. Submit your talk through the call for papers and mark it Advanced.

Ticket pricing

Starting this year, we're introducing variable pricing depending who's paying for the ticket:

  • Individual Tickets - if you are purchasing your own ticket without contribution from your employer
  • Corporate Tickets - if your employer is paying for your ticket or reimbursing you for the expense

If you're buying your own ticket, the prices remain the same as past years, whereas the Corporate tickets are somewhat more expensive. Check out the prices on the tickets page.

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